• Magnets, Notepads & Pens
  • Baseball Caps, Sweatshirts & Blankets

Cost-Effective Promotion & Product Development

With more than 15 years of product development and promotion design expertise, we understand the impact that each product you sell or give away has on your company or brand's image.

Our designs are as trendy, unique, or as classic as you desire. CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC works closely with our clients to help develop appealing products that fit well into online stores and catalogs and promote their images as conference or customer give-aways.

We work only with manufacturers who offer high-quality, affordable products. Most of our production partners offer low minimum product runs or deep discounts for high volume.

    From planning and pricing to design and vendor selection, we can help you create and produce exceptional products and packaging, including:
  • Online Store & Catalog merchandising
  • Incentive & Reward Program Development for Referrals and Frequent Buyers
  • Membership & Gift Cards
  • Green / Environmentally Friendly Products, Promotions, and Packaging
  • Holiday Gifts for Clients and Associates
  • Promotional Give-Aways
  • Conference & Exhibit Marketing freebies
  • Contest Prizes
    We are experienced in the design and development of a great variety of products and promotions, including:
  • T-shirts, hat, baseball caps, fleeces, sweatshirts and other logo'd apparel
  • Magnets, pens, totes, notepads, sticky notes and other giveaways
  • Posters
  • Conference Programs
  • Bags, umbrellas, sporting equipment and sportswear
  • Holiday cards, calendars and other seasonal products
  • Drinkware, kitchen gadgets and recipe books
  • Office Products
  • Appreciation Gifts and Awards

For clients with online retail stores, we also offer the development of Online stores, shopping carts & secure transactions.

Product Packaging

One of the first impressions your customers have of your product and company originates in the packaging. You may have an incredible product—but without enticing packaging, you will not maximize your sales or positively impact your image. We offer planning, design and production of appealing product packaging—and the means for putting it all together! From reusable shopping bags to recyclable gift cards, we can offer many solutions to environmentally friendly packaging options.

Product Development Consulting

Not too sure about your current product or service offering? Think there must be better options for conference giveaways? CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES can help you optimize your product offerings for your current target market—or help you re-brand your company for an entirely new demographic.

  • Product Analysis
  • Online Store or Catalog Analysis
  • Target Market Studies
  • Product Planning
  • Branding / Re-Branding
  • Exhibit / Conference Marketing Planning & Development
  • Promotion / Incentive Program Planning & Development
  • Holiday Promotion Planning & Development
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